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You probably pressed the "esc" key. I'm sorry for the inconvenience

Try to download "macOS (32bit)"

Do you have MacOS 32bit or 64bit?

For me any image is fine. use your imagination! would you do it without animation? thank you. possibly in equal format (example 100px: 100px or 2000px: 2000px)

Ok, if you want to send me the pixel art characters send me an email to: as an attachment. I will put them in my next game in the form of an easter egg. Send me only 4 pixel art characters ... the fifth send it to the second classified so as to make him a surprise on my part! Unfortunately for the second round I will not be there, I'm sorry ... maybe tell me when you'll do it in the future!

Hi, I've published this game on gamejolt.

R.I.P. Toast (4:07) :(

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Parkour is fun!  \(^-^)/

Try to disable the antivirus and start it as an administrator (right click on the game and "run as administrator").

I don't make models with blender, i use Sketchup.

Oh no, why?

Thanks for comment! I did the shirt you told me. This is the link: i you want support me, buy the shirt ;)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for comment!


Thanks for your wonderful comment!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! i upload this game on Gamejolt when the voting on itchio ends.

Thanks for the comment! I started creating video games for passion. of tutorials on youtube you can find many! especially on Unity3d!

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Ok! Can i upload at least one youtube video containing the soundtrack of my game?

Can i immediately publish my game on Gamejolt or do i have to wait for the voting to end on (i will publish my game tomorrow).

It's my first time creating a game "Resource Management"... thanks for the advice

Whit which criteria is the game evaluated?

Yes exactly.

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The game must be 3D or 2D? I can use Post Processing Stack on Unity3D? I can use FPScontroller.prefab on my project?



what this bates motel?



You find the secret! Good

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Ahahahah! I hope you enjoy this game!