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... original with the addition of gluten!

Yes of course, you are free to record videos.

It is simply a walking simulator, with some interactive parts set in a museum. It is not a horror game.


Is a parody about kids Halloween stories.

I'm so sorry if I answer you just now, I have not received any notification for this comment...
This is a nice coincidence (if you believe in the coincidences) to meet Bill in real life and then here. I am happy that in your life you have met someone special who has helped you!
How is it going months later?

For anything, feel free to contact me on Twitter if you want a friend to talk to ;P

Just be yourself. Create what you like and you will get what you want. ;)

I mean i don't recommend this game to children because the story and other things within them can be misinterpreted.

Hi mate!
Thanks for the review. I remember you, i played your game "Clown House" a while ago and it was cool :)

Hi, at the beginning of the game there is a warning for flashing lights... but actually you are right, in the game page there is not. I'm sorry for that, it's not my intention to hurt anyone so i removed the gif and added a warning before the description.

Don't worry. There are no jumpscares! ;)

The game is free. Just click "Download Now" then select "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

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13:11 ops... it's a bug. The voice of the initial dialogue overlapped with the final one. If you watch other videos you will see how it should be.

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The game is free, you don't have to pay for play. Just click "Download Now" then select "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing. A couple of players told me that the game's dialogues don't appear. In your video i have not seen the dialogues. If you want to understand the story better i recommend you to watch other videos. I'm sorry for this mistake.

It's not a bug. The floor at times was immaterial and you had to follow the arrows to avoid falling!

Thanks! :)

Did you try the 1920x1080 resolution? with my computer it works. Play with the fullscreen.

When you start the game a window appears with the game settings. Sets to 1920x1080 (16:9). Maybe you played with different settings. What operating system do you have?

Di Easter Egg c'è ne sono un sacco... solo che essendo segreti sono difficili da trovare! Ahah comunque grazie per la recensione ed è un peccato che tu non sia andato avanti con il gioco, poichè il meglio veniva dopo!

Italiano 100%. Il gioco è in Inglese per attrarre più gente!

Grazie ;)

Hello! To receive the free game key you must have made videos of all three games. once you have done, I will contact you via email (I use the email you have on the Youtube profile)

Yes. It's me ;)

There is no bug. It's deliberately done this way, to continue the game there was an arrow on the ground to the right of the door! :)

You probably pressed the "esc" key. I'm sorry for the inconvenience

Try to download "macOS (32bit)"

Do you have MacOS 32bit or 64bit?

Hi, I've published this game on gamejolt.

R.I.P. Toast (4:07) :(

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Parkour is fun!  \(^-^)/

Try to disable the antivirus and start it as an administrator (right click on the game and "run as administrator").

I don't make models with blender, i use Sketchup.

Oh no, why?

Thanks for comment! I did the shirt you told me. This is the link: i you want support me, buy the shirt ;)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for comment!