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Hi guys!
Today's post will about the enemies found in World-2!

As I've mentioned before, there are only 4 enemy types in each World. World 2's theme is lava, so I've tried to make the enemies fit in with the world/environment. After the introductory "vanilla" enemies of World 1, the enemies in World 2 will begin to have more varied behaviors and attack patterns.

First off, the Lava Blob.
The blob might be relatively weak but its small size combined with its speed and jumping pattern can make it rather tricky to hit. I also did a little something extra for its death animation to show its "fire-y" nature.

Next up, the Lava Bat. The only projectile-type enemy in World 2.
Unlike the static shooting-Slime from World 1, the lava bat flies about in a random direction when it is not actively shooting you. That makes it a slightly more annoying target. That it can fly also means it can target the player from practically any position. If not quickly dealt with and left to loiter in the stage, just a few of them can quickly overwhelm any player.

The Wall-climber has the ability to climb walls obviously.
It can round a corner and even climb upside down. Its climbing ability can hinder the player when you want to say, wall jump or traverse the map. Also, shooting it will make it drop at once so shooting at it while it is directly overhead is perhaps not the smartest move.

The Blue flame is probably the most dangerous enemy in all of World 2. It "dives" straight at the player, and as you can see in the gif above, dodging it requires good timing. Make the mistake of doing a dodge-roll while close to a wall and the Blue flame will still manage to hit you when it "rebounces". Probably the number one priority target whenever it makes an appearance.