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Really good premise so far! I like the idea with the phone with various applications about and the use of the chat where various other characters can be seen chatting, it gives off a feel that there's life into the chat. The art and the writing is so well done to boot! The ability to choose the character customisation along with what pronouns they prefer is really really good. I'm happy with that cause I can freely pick. Nice job on that!

Very fond of the black and white choice for the game with a limited selection of other colours, it gives you the free reign on what you think their clothing's colour would look like and it's nice. Played both routes and both are interesting thus far though I am wondering if you can join in on the underground resistance group since that seems more like my thing, it'd be interesting to see.

Sadly, Karin seems to be taken :( She's so cute too but ah oh well hahaha, anyways game is so good thus far and only a prologue too! Keep up the good work!

Sorry for the super late reply!
It has been so long but we were happy about your comment! We made a bunch features for Defaction our older games don't have and are glad they got appreciated! :'D

We wouldn't like to spoiler anything but we thought Defaction to be a game that allows the player to chose the ideological path they most identify with. So....well, might join the rebellion (in the main game)?? But getting there shall not be easy >u>

Again, thank you for your thorough comment and thanks for your interest! :3