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Hello dear friends of, I am writing to inform you about another bug in the game. Since I played it until the end, and I really loved it and that's why I want to help you. 

Here is the capture of the bug, they are precisely in the questions of knowledge about linux, to see the contents of folders and files with the command "ls", and it is NOT "less"...

PS: I offer myself as volunteer to translate the game to Spanish language, since I am Latin American and I do you the favor to translate all the dialogs to 100%. For me personally, it would be a real honor to contribute to this beautiful project of yours  Lynn. <3 :)

These are my contacts, if you are interested in translating into Spanish.

Tlf: +58 (414) 3036055


Github: moisesfra

Twitter: @MoissRengel1

Greetings from Venezuela! :) 


Hey moisesfra,

Thanks so much for the note!

We are thrilled that you are volunteering to translate this game into Spanish.

We are setting up our translation system and will post an update here once the system is ready to go.

Cheers, Lynn