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Hi kmbenjel, thanks for the note! The emails you get are about small bug fixes. We will keep the version number as 1.0 until we have major content updates, at which point we will bump the version to 2.0 and so on.

Hi TeaandOwls,

Thanks for the bug report. Both have been fixed on GitHub and new builds have been uploaded here :)

Shhh now some spoilers about what caused this error: we are working on translations into different world languages so we’ve started extracting strings and interpolating variables.

Best, Lynn

Hey moisesfra,

Thanks so much for the note!

We are thrilled that you are volunteering to translate this game into Spanish.

We are setting up our translation system and will post an update here once the system is ready to go.

Cheers, Lynn

Hi Random Robo,

Thanks for making this video and we are glad you enjoyed the game!

Hi Allekid,

Thanks for making this video and we are glad you enjoyed the game!

Good catch, thanks!

Hi VIPPotato,

Lynn here - thanks for the comment!

We are working on improving the accessibility features and have created a GitHub issue dedicated to those.

We will keep you posted about updates to the TTS feature :)

Hi adikir,

Please download and install the app again. We hope to implement a check-for-update feature in the app itself in the future.

Best, Lynn

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Hi mike.sylevester,

Lynn here - May I ask what’s your computer’s OS? Please follow the instructions below. Let me know if it works and I’d be happy to assist more.


1. Unzip the file
2. Open the folder that appears after unzipping
3. Double click on the application LearnToCodeRPG.exe


1. Unzip the file by double-clicking
2. Double click on the application that appears after unzipping. If you run into an error about "an unidentified developer", refer to [this Apple support article](

Linux: LearnToCodeRPG-1.0-linux.tar.bz2

1. Unzip the file
2. Open the folder that appears after unzipping
3. Run, you may have to change execution access

Glad you enjoyed it :D

Hi ahimek,

Lynn here - thanks for the detailed report.

May I ask about your Mac’s hardware version and OS version? We’ve tested M1 Mac on Catalina as well as older Macs on older OS and they seem to work. 😅

I’ve searched around and this Reddit post mentioned something about the AMD card causing issue. Here is their solution using an Nvidia card.

RenPy needs access to performance counters and is being denied by the default setting. Mine was an NVidia card but there should be a similar setting for you AMD folks.

Open Nvidia Control Panel (Not Experience)

Click on Manage GPU Performance Counters (If the Developer section isn't there, click on Desktop at the top -> Enable Developer Settings)

Click on Allow access to the GPU performance counters to all users


If this doesn’t work, it’s still possible to play the game by downloading the source code from GitHub and the Ren’Py Launcher app and directly launching the code from Ren’Py. (And if Ren’Py launcher crashes, that’s definitely a hardware or OS problem 😅)

I’ll keep following up on this. Hope you get to play the game soon :D

Hi arqamgrt,

Lynn here - thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback! We are glad that you enjoyed the game.

I’ve consolidated your feedback into our open GitHub issue about improving TTS. We will work on that :D

Hi jenerator,

Lynn here - thanks for the note!

Yes, this game is safe to run on Windows. This warning shows up only because the publisher is unknown - in other words, we (freeCodeCamp) haven’t registered ourselves as a Windows developer.

In case you still have concerns :) feel free to check out our source code on GitHub

Hi nidza07,

Lynn here - thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback!

It’s my first time using this game engine (Ren’Py)’s TTS feature, and your feedback is very valuable to me.

I’ve created a GitHub issue based on your comment and will work on improving the TTS and updating the game.