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Hi! My friend and I are playing this game and are really enjoying it so far. We love the idea of using the Tarot as a way of randomizing the prompts.

We're both curious though, about the 23rd Higher Arcana (The Well)? We've never heard of it before and we're unable to find it online. Is it part of a particular edition of Tarot cards?


I had a deck that had the well, and I wrote the entire game before remembering that it just had that as an extra card in it for some reason??? Ended up keeping the card in on the off chance someone else was using the exact same deck, but I keep meaning to go back in and put a note that is an unusual card most decks don't have haha 😅 It's from the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot deck though! Beautiful deck, super shiny. 

Sorry about the confusion there, but super glad you're enjoying the game! Always lovely to hear things are actually getting played!