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This is extremely impressive!

However, There's some jank where if you double tap the arrow keys too quickly the next press will cause a dash even after a significant waiting period.

The platforming could benefit from being able to hold down to fall through platforms instead of having to press it each time, and having a variable jump height mechanic (tapping jump results in a smaller jump than holding it) but, knowing the limitations of RPGMaker, I understand these may not be easy or even possible to implement, as its already a feat that this game controls as smoothly as it does.

I really enjoyed it though, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing further progress!

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Thank you.  Lots of improvements and new environments are coming. RM2K3 is not as limited as many people think ...  Doing what you suggest is not a problem. But the fixed height jump is a choice of game design (This is one of the reasons why the double jump can be used from the start).  Many features are already integrated into the game (Sword down for example) but were not accessible with this demo.

Inthe future some passages will also be in side-scrolling with the same level of precision. I will modify the controls for the next demo. The dash will be activated with a keyboard key... I am currently working on the forest area. First glimpse  :