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Hello Captive Minds,

Really good job on the game guys! Other than the aforementioned framerate and occasional loudness issues (and typos in the script), the game was a nice experience. I especially liked that there is no good ending, because whenever I play horror/atmospheric games, I don't like it when the ending isn't satisfying or "good for the sake of having a good ending."

I have a question though, that made me wonder: do the audience know that the participants are held here against their own will, and if so, why is this show allowed? Or is it just a make-pretend that they go along with? Either way, it was a really nice concept and I'd like to see more of this.

Hey Ahriasre,

Firstly thanks for your kind words, were really glad to hear you enjoyed the experience :D our goal was to make the games end feel more realistic and open relevant to the situation, so I'm glad that came across well!

The audience are fully aware of the stars captive state, for them it's part of the thrill. 

As to the why it's allowed, and why various world governments donate their death row inmates to the show, well.... That's a story yet to be told.