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If you are a builder of worlds, you NEED Session Zero: Worldbuilding Edition. It is a simple and streamlined way to get your creativity flowing and wireframe your world so you can flesh it out through role-play.

It includes 65 prompts divided equally across 5 themes: Physical Features, World Locations, Local Locations, Notable Figures, and Life/Lore.

There are two great ways to use it, and you may as well do both. First, before starting a one shot or a new campaign, draw a number of cards to frame up your world with just enough detail to give you fertile creative ground. Then during play, you can generate world details and flavor on the fly when you need them.

If you ever feel stuck, draw a card at random and refer to the prompts in this, and use the context to quickly create an adventure seed that bonds the characters into the world.

Don't forget to grab the original Session Zero for character creation, and the Bond Building edition to create rich relationships between characters in the party, or NPCs.

I'm officially a fan of Meghan's work with Siren's Song games.

Thank you so much for your kind words about Session Zero! I appreciate it so much and I hope the games help you create wonderful characters, bonds, and worlds!