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Hi! Thanks for your video rewiew! :) 

"The only two things I didn't like as much, was that I couldn't zoom with my weapon for a better shot, and secondly was that there were no checkpoints. Dying and starting from the start were frustrating.. but the shortcut to the boss battle did help!"

Yes, the rifle zoom and the checkpoint system was an ideas that I can't implemented because I'm not have enough time (remember that this game is developed in 4 weeks as part of a practical exercise for a master degree). In fact, the shortcut to the boss battle is was implemented for ease the evaluting task for my teacher ;P

Some things are little buggy, like the grenades. The bullets can pushing it and in the first version, the grenades not explode when contact with an enemy, the throw trayectory not works fine in some angles (you see it when tried to throw the grenades to the shotgun enemies over the ladder), the rifle droped by the outdoor enemy sometimes disapear under the floor, sound glitches, the mouse aiming... and in general the performance (is very bad for this kind of game :P).

Anyway, I'm glad so much to you enjoyed the game, and thanks again for the video review :D

P.D.: I see you don't found the 2 hidden supply areas (one on the tower and other just after the final boss area), with full med-pack and full armor ;P These make a little more easy to defeat the game :)