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Quick question before I make any decision about whether to download/play: Is this game aro/ace friendly? I really like the concept of visual novels, but I can almost never play them because they all require you to be romantic and/or sexual with other characters and it just makes me really uncomfortable. Can I get through this whole game with only platonic relationships?

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Hi there!

The answer to this question isn't a perfect one, and I apologize if it is unclear.

Will, the main character, harbours romantic feelings for his friend Theo and can be romantic with other characters as well.

However, there is a very special and what I would consider "canon" route which leaves you in a platonic place with your previous love interests.

It is important that I warn you that this story is open about romantic and sexual relationships and depicts what it's like the be a young adult who is exploring the world of interpersonal relationships for the first time.

There is a long drinking game where characters speak about their relationships, sexualities, insecurities, and curiosities with their friends.

In the end, it is possible to finish things in a platonic way during several routes, but the themes that precede those endings could very well be uncomfy for aro/ace individuals.

The demo is a great example of what I mean about the discussion of sexual and romantic themes.

I'd love to send you a guide on how to achieve platonic endings privately if you do end up playing to prevent a negative experience!

We have a discord that is linked on this page, you can reach me there for a guide :)

There are also some in-depth reviews about the variety of endings, but they have a lot of story details, so I can send them if you don't mind spoilers.

Even if you don't end up finding Starlight Shores is right for you, I encourage you to keep exploring the indie visual novel community. 

I'm certain there's a game you'll enjoy :)

I hope this helps!