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Quick question before I make any decision about whether to download/play: Is this game aro/ace friendly? I really like the concept of visual novels, but I can almost never play them because they all require you to be romantic and/or sexual with other characters and it just makes me really uncomfortable. Can I get through this whole game with only platonic relationships?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply as I just saw this. I appreciate the interest in playing my Visual Novel, Belong! However, Belong is a dating sim VN and unfortunately there are no platonic routes, only 3 romantic routes (which progress from friendship to romance), so it may not be your cup of tea and that's alright :) I do plan to explore platonic relationships in the future games though! Thank you again for asking.


hi!! i know this is random but if you want to play a VN completely platonically you can download 'our life' by gb patch games! its free as well!