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Hey, I tested out what you have so far, and I'm certainly enjoying the art!

I would like to give my thoughts and suggestions on a few things, though.

  • When you pick up the sword with LMB, you should have the inventory boxes light up a little, to give indication to the player that he/she can put it there. When I had played, I thought I had to have the sword in my hand by holding LMB and then pressing the RMB.
  • Fix the depth issue with the inventory boxes. Right now, as I drag the sword over the boxes, the sword is actually shown beyond the inventory box.
  • The trees hitboxes/masks seem a little ridiculous, but that could just be me.
  • If the items are dropped behind trees, maybe you could fade the tree out so the player can see it? Or add some glow effect to it?
  • I think it'd look good if, when you hovered over an object, you'd be able to tell if you could pick it up. For example: right now, I can't pick up my sword because it's dependent on distance. But maybe you can add something to let the player know that they need to get closer.

That's really all I can give feedback on right now, it's a good start though, and I'm looking forward to it!


Hello, thanks for feedback, it really helped.

I´ve made some changes:

  • Inventory boxes are lighter when you are hodling item
  • When you are dragging items to the invetory boxes, they are now above the inventory box
  • I think tree hitboxes are fine :D
  • I think most players can figure out that they have to be near the items to pick them up. So i wont be doing any changes in this area

I will make updated version today. So you can test it and send me another feedback if you want :)