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Um, dude I'm not trying to annoying or disrespectful to you or the work you put into this game but I've noticed a lot of similarities of this game to an old game I played a while ago called Max and the Magic Marker. Here's a gameplay video

The whole mechanic of drawing platforms and rocks to progress through the level to me feels very much like it did in Max and the Magic Marker. Also I have not played the game myself, I watched jacksepticeye play it a bit ago. I'm truly not trying to hate on your game because there are alot of original parts to it like for example bombs, levers and the fact that you have a limited number of erasers actualy to me makes the puzzles in this game a whole lot deeper than Max and the magic marker. I understand that, I'm just saying that mechanics in this game might not be 100% It's own you know? I just heard jack say the game was really awesome and I agree, It's just not (to me at least) entirely original.

I don't know what else to say. I tried to make this as constructive and informative as possible, and again PLEASE don't take this as hate or trolling. I just felt like I needed to state my personal observations on this ok? Bye :)

Hi! I found out about Max and a magic marker after my game was already live. I fully agree that it is not that original, aside from the game you pointed out, there are also such games as Crayon Deluxe, Draw a Stickman and maybe a thousand more. But I have never ever tried to position this game as groundbreakingly original, It's just a solo project I made in my spare time. And no need to apologize, no offence was taken:)