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Hey thanks! Hope you had fun!

Sorry, Paypal blocked my account and there is no support in my country. I've been trying to reach them to no avail. Hold on, since I lost hope to resolve this any time soon I will try to just make it free

Hi! I don't know how Paypal will handle this, maybe you can

Sorry;( I don't have a mac so I can't make build for it. Maybe I will in the future

No worries, check your email, I sent you everything with instructions. Have fun!

Hi! I am sorry to hear that. Make sure you extracted everything, if that doesn't work email me at I will resend you the build, if that doesn't work I will send you another build later when I finish the update, if that doesn't work we'll do it again, and if again it doesn't work I will name my firstborn child after you for you 1$ ;)

Hi, I am sorry, I don't handle monetary transactions. You should try and check out FAQs here.

Without a mac I cannot publish to Appstore. I will probably just get a used one.

Thanks for the patience!

Hi! Sorry to hear that. I don't handle these things, the store does it. It's free on android, and I will be free on ios as soon as I save up to buy a mac;)

Hi! I found out about Max and a magic marker after my game was already live. I fully agree that it is not that original, aside from the game you pointed out, there are also such games as Crayon Deluxe, Draw a Stickman and maybe a thousand more. But I have never ever tried to position this game as groundbreakingly original, It's just a solo project I made in my spare time. And no need to apologize, no offence was taken:)

I just found out! What a news to wake up to;)

Hola! No hay problemas! Puedes enviarme un email en o un mensaje en Twitter: @vladmaxli. P.S. NO hablo espanol muy bien:)

Hi! Thank you for constructive criticism, I will address issues you mentioned!

Hey thanks! Really appreciate the feedback! "The music's okay"- that was the best part, since I didn't have any experience with music prior to making this game:) I thought everybody will bleed from their ears after hearing it.

Than you! Cool video:)