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I really enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to Part II; in a way, I consider myself fortunate for having found this game so recently as it means I didn't have to hold my breath over the cliffhanger! I'm not sure if it's worth leaving a mini-review on only half the game, especially since the full version is slated to be out soon... but I did jot down some notes while playing the demo so here are my two cents!

+ Art style is just so so so incredibly charming, plus I have a personal love for the teal/pink "digital" aesthetic.
+ Characters are engaging and endearing, I wanna bro it up with Zen!
+ Mrs Cardhover is so nice.
+ I like how Phoenix opened up a bit over time, like real people do, and how their status as "Basically the MC but better at life" doesn't mean they have to be a bad or irritating person to make the point.
+ The writing is pleasantly nuanced, as is the narrative; even 'proactive' choices don't have the MC instantly get their life together. They still get tired, have the urge to procrastinate etc, as getting one's life together is a stop-and-go thing rather than a single steady forward motion.
+ The argument with Joyce felt very real and I could see where both parties were coming from; it really felt like Joyce was trying to do the right thing for the MC.
+ The whole thing felt very real, AI aside: Life can be hard and it felt like the MC was dealing with low-key depression, especially the way that minor setbacks and self-sabotage crop up more often than huge traumas and complete meltdowns.
+ Having the MC do the responsible thing and improve in willpower/mood over time felt genuinely rewarding. I was so proud when they made it to the finals!
+ Fire Emblem and Kill La Kill posters

? Parts of the game are too real for me, man (DUDE). Being an adult is hard even when your life, compared to that of others, isn't suffering any unusual woes. The struggle is in fact real.
? Oh god I wish I had a Joyce sometimes but no, they're right, I'd probably use them to replace real people and that's no long-term solution.
? Too real guys, too real.

* I wanna see more of the Titan Watch Online guild!
* I'm gonna cry at some point in Part II, I know it

Thank you so much for writing such an in-depth comment! And sorry, about the super late reply. We've been really busy with finishing up part 2 but now that it's released we hope you'll enjoy the second half of the game!

Making the story and everything feel realistic and relatable was pretty important to us so we're always happy to hear when it worked out! And thanks for all the kind words <3

We hope you'll like the full game as well!