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Yeah, that is hilarious that possibly historical and cultural clothing would be more revealing than probably most ideas one can think of for Asterion to be dressed in. Since we are dealing with a Greek telling of a myth about Crete, it's likely safe to assume that by King Minos' (the second) rule may have had more of its culture influenced by the mainland. Hypothetical ancient Minoan cloths for Asterion still sounds like a fun unlock as a much later result of completing Asterion's project somehow. Asterion could be excited to share reading he's done with the MC about the archeology of Crete and the hypothesis of the much older time than the people of his time could ever recall. The Linear A era. The MC would wonder what Asterion would look like in an outfit like that and, hell, maybe also have the MC try it on for Asterion and they can joke about how revealing it is. Though I'm not sure Asterion would actually wear that outside of their apartment.