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Kung Fu Flash and Sidekick are two more options to run the game. You can definitely build your own Easyflash cartridge, I did so.

Hmm....that sidekick looks interesting.... Haven't heard of that project.  What's easier to build, EasyFlash or Sidekick64?  SK64 looks more versatile.  

Easyflash is way easier to build because it doesn't need SMD components.

Can you point to the gerbers or BOM?  I can only find the EF3.  I guess the Versa64Cart is not an option?

If you still need them, I have the Easyflash 1.4.1 Gerbers.

A Versacart is waayyyy too basic for this game, notably it lacks the required storage capacity, has no bank switching and mp ability to save games on cart.

I managed to create gerbers from an Eagle file