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Thank you! And will Machinarium even be available for a Macbook Pro running Sierra? It didn't work on my computer, though it should work. Samorost 1-3 did work. Any suggestions?

"where is 2021" didn't work, pity..

I have no idea. these are not my games.

Sorry! Of course, I got confused. And Slice of Sea, I hope someday to be able to play it. When I need to get a new mac computer in the future. But thank you again for Submachine as well as Daymare town. I really loved both soooo much. 

You may try to use wine for mac to play the windows version. I do not own a mac conputer, so i cannot help you with that.

Thank you! I borrowed a window laptop in the end. Sooo glad i did, it was stunning!:)