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this was a lot of fun.

-the save points seemed to do nothing, at least on marble zone. Getting the one after the big loop underground didn't return me there after I died in the lava. The level just restart every time

-the loop/ spiral camera was a little disorienting. Couldn't see where I was going or if I was about to fall off

-the red bug guys seem to move to quickly to be able to avoid with any amount of consistency

-I wish I could look up more. one of the signs told you to watch the ceiling but you couldn't really turn your camera high enough to see it

-the shoes were really great. flying around in them was super cool, wish I could have used them more. probably my favorite part of the demo.

the whole thing was just funny too. The hedgehog himself, the music, enemies, all of it just made me smile. I'm excited to see the finished product.

Thank you for your comment pointing out some bugs and suggestions for improvement!

I fixed the defective savepoints and a couple of other things.