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The above was not the only boss that was recreated...

Yep. The Advena boss. I even gave it some much-needed upgrades...

Now that is a killing machine!


Not done yet...!

This peculiar specimen is essentially a "poison sprinkler", being able to spin and emit huge plumes of poison in an area around it. The "pusher" zooid has so much potential...

(+1) much so, that I experimented on it with the "Flak" zooid, and produced this...

...and thus, the long-ranged Wall of Flak was born(with long-ranged poison on the sides for good measure)!

(1 edit) (+1)

To celebrate the naming of the Queen of Poison, I've decided to give it a makeover, like the Advena Boss.

Of course, I first had to recreate the Queen of Poison herself (after all, who wouldn't want to play as a boss?)

And, after much farming in free-roam, I present to you: The Emperor of Corrosion.

I think I went a little too for with this one