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Hi SkyDragon3564! 

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me this warm review! 

1. Thank you for giving all my boys a chance! X'D Reksa is still the reigning champ I see~ and yes! Mitra has a very sweet route I get embarassed now that you remind me >\\\<

2. Oh wow, thank you! I'm really glad to hear you like both my new and old works! 

3. Aww, you flatter me too much >\\\< I think I'll need to stick a needle in my bloated head later //hammer --I'm still working on the quality control tho, but hearing you like my art, I'll definitely do my best to make it better and better!

4. It's alright, the reason why they steal it is very vague at first after all :'3 


The first thing that may came to your mind is maybe 'greed' since the crystal has multifunctions --but the real reason is Purba manipulating Chief Silva behind the scenes with Purple Crystals ;) he gave it to him in small doses and with time, Chief Silva became addicted to it and with that, Purba managed to 'control' him to do things with muddled head.

5. Thank you so much for your support! 

And no problem at all! I like reading comments so please, type away! X'D

If there are things you'd like to ask again, you can find me here or message me in my facebook fanpage ;) 

Hope to see you again in the future!