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Is there any chance that you could add a bit of code to snapshot the window position?  Every time I load Charpad (and Spritepad) I have to scale and resize the window when it opens.  It would be useful if the Window x,y and x2,y2 size was saved upon exit, ready for the next session. Thanks.

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When you say you have to scale and resize "the window", which window do you mean? the map, the charset?, the whole thing?

As every project is using different size charsets, tilesets, maps then I don't quite see how this would be helpful unless a layout were somehow saved for every project.

The main (parent) window itself should be starting maximized.

I have to resize everything.  I don't like windows which start maximised, it's not to my liking.  I have Kickassembler and VICE behind Charpad whilst working and I switch to them by clicking on titlebars - I like to scale the windows to what I'm working on, so I can see a set number of characters in a tilemap, or a set number of sprites in Spritepad, but it would be good if it just memorised the positions upon exiting the program.  Lots of other programs remember their last position, e.g. Sublime, OBS Studio, VICE etc.,  it's a time-saver more than anything.  Thanks.

Thanks for clarifying that.