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It’s something I’m aware of now, but I don’t know how to go on with the situation. If a samurai is supposed to kill the front unit, it can be saved with a heal, so for example:

  • Enemy has a Paladin
  • Samurai dies, attack front unit for it’s health
  • Since the Samurai died, the Paladin heals the front unit
  • Front unit gets a killing hit, BUT the Paladin heals it for 1
  • Front unit lives with 1 health

I don’t know if this is a strategy that can be used against Samurai so it should stay, or the Samurai should kill the enemy no matter what.


I think it should be fine for it to stay (if you think it's balanced) but then it might be better to clarify that on th samuray's skill

It could even be intresting to have different levels of the Samurai ineract with this differently, as in higher levels execute no matter what for example