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Looks like it was made from Scratch, That is how i make my games! I refer you don't use .sb2 and use a Scratch to Windows PC App converter: It will make your scratch project into a professional computer app! Just follow the steps, it is really easy!

Yep. Its a Scratch project :D. If you want to see my scratch account, just type MeIzAwezomeDede in Scratch's search bar. Then you can click my profile and we can follow :D. Anyways, I'll go check out the converter. Thanks for playing!

Ok, just to say: I'm stupid xD do you know how to use the converter, or are there instructions and I'm just blind? Thx

There are sopposed to be instructions, let me find a youtube tut for you

I could not find anything on google, you will have to do it yourself. sorry to say, but yeah.

Nah, ur good

I followed you on scratch, and you should take a look at my games on itch!

Ok :D I followed you back also

I figured out how to get the converter to work :D

Awesome! Can’t wait to see your games! I prefer you use the “full screen” setting, that is how to make a professional game.

Cool :D I'm making another Five Nights game. Probably releasing the 23rd or 24th. Its gonna be fullscreen, and when you lose, you wont have to reopen the game (it automatically resets)

How do you automatically make it reset?

Something like this: Replace all the "when green flag pressed" things with "When I receive: Reset." also, put "When I receive: stop" with the "stop other scripts in sprite" thing in all the sprites. Also then replace the "Stop all" with "broadcast Reset" and "broadcast stop" that should work :D