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Thanks for playing and for the review!

You speak the truth. The game is indeed a little buggy, sometimes when the blocks are on the ground they do this weird thing where they go a little bit up. I know why this one happens, so it will be easy to fix, the "Super Jump" is another story, because it doesn't always happen and it never happened to me. 

About the killing part, the game is a bit hardcore, what happens is that if you touch a block that is not placed on the ground or on another block, you will die, and this fact is not gonna change, it's the mechanic I come up with to make it harder, in this case very hard.

Once again, thanks, I hope you play this or any other game I create in the future.


Ah, okay... In that case, all I think it could use is maybe a change of color between when the block is falling, and when the block has landed. Like falling magma that cools off.

I will think about, it's actually a cool idea. Although I don't want to change much, because the compo is kinda over, so I don't want to change much from the original. But thanks, it's a nice idea.