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These days go by a design philosophy that a although a game should be interesting to design, it should be more interesting to play. The logic behind it is that if the reverse is true, if the game is more interesting to design than to play, then it will never be completed because the designer will just keep designing on it forever.

The short version of this weeks progress  is that I might have passed the point where the game is  more fun to play than work on. Although there is definitely still lot to tweak I actually find my self getting distracted from working on the game because I incidentally started playing it instead. This is a good sign, even though it has a slight negative impact on productivity.


Highest priority right now (in no particular order):

  • Fine tune gameplay (drop rates, difficulty etc)
  • Improve UX to reduce cognitive strain (make it easier to see what's going on)
  • Unicode emojis -> Sprites