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Hey, DizzDot played your game!!

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Always happy to get feedback. A couple things to note. First, you can grab DoomBots even when their spikes are out. Second, Spikey Spire is currently lvl 4/5 in our alpha to show the higher end of our current difficulty curve. It will likely be repurposed as one of the final levels in our early access release, meaning that there will be 6-9 easier levels you can play before having to deal with that level of challenge.

I hear you that it might have felt like you were holding the rope when you fell multiple times in the final gauntlet. Those 3 ropes are fairly narrow, so it is pretty common to barely miss the grab, especially when you are carefully dodging spikes. It might be worth making the climbing easier at that section so players can focus more on dodging the spikes and less on precisely grabbing the holds. We appreciate you trying out the game and hope you give it another shot with our next update!

lol he finally beat your alpha!

I think I messaged you on unreal discord a while back when you started teasing this and told you how awesome I thought the Idea was! Was a pleasure playing it and will most likely purchase the full version soon!

Great Job!