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how do you get the game to run it always has a error. please tell me how to make it run. the error is 


Make sure to extract the game from the zip file with all the files it includes. If your trying to run it via the zip file it may not exactly work. 

That is your best bet. 


C&D Cardboard Games.

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the file is a .RAR not a .ZIP. it will never work every time i try it on a different computer it allways has a error just like the game thirstiest time of the year game. if there is nothing you can do please try to export it using unity or if you can send me the project so i can see why there is a error. if you can not it is ok.

and there is no file that has the name binaries. ill show a pic of the files i got a hold of.

The image shows all the files it came with.

And could you do a video about how to run it. if you can.

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.RAR and .ZIP don't really matter in this case. I would suggest downloading WINRAR. I just downloaded my game right now.

This was my result using WINRAR. As you can see nothing is wrong with it. I also ran my game as well inside the RAR file and there is no issue. Unfortunately, I won't be exporting the project to unity nor can I give you the project. It also seems like in picture your trying to open the project via Unreal. That is another reason why it won't work. The project has already been packaged so trying to open it in Unreal won't work. I suggest downloading an extractor like WINRAR. Then you will be able to play the game. Trying to run any executable game that has been packaged in an engine will throw you these kinds of errors. So refrain from trying to run games inside the respective engines or you will get these confusing errors.

Hope this helps, 

C&D Cardboard Games

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thank you but could you send me the project of crunchy so i can turn it into a unity game becuse i am looking for games that don't require directx runtime to be installed.

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