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I played the original version of the game several months ago and it was a really great experience. But oh boy this one is sooo much better! The progress you've made in these months is showing!
The explorable area is now bigger and everything is carefully placed. There is always a landmark to know where you're going, but not in a way to make it easy for the player. I normally don't enjoy being lost in games, but in this case it actually didn't annoy me, since I could get back on track fairly easily!
Also the random generated items are a nice touch. They make the game unpredictable and not boring after the first run.
Oh the cutscenes and the dialog pop-ups were such a nice touch! It gave the game this feel of polish that I kinda forgot that this isn't an official game.
On top of these the visuals are pleasing and totally fitting. Your low poly art style is something I totally like! Additionally the fact that you used music from the N64 game made me happy, since Classic Creep Capers is a game I like a lot.
So yeah, I definitely enjoyed the game! Looking forward to your next projects dude!

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Glad you enjoyed it man! I'm also happy that I'm not the only one who seemed to enjoy Classic Creep Capers, haha.