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Such a great resource for solo roleplaying adventures throughout the mouse kingdoms :D

Would you mind if we translate and publish this in spanish under the same license, obviusly?

I see it says "Barrow Delver is by Matthew Morris and is released under CC-BY-SA 4.0. License". Is it a mistake made in the copy-paste or is it deliberate? I've notice both Einzelmaus and Barrow Delver have almost the same text haha.

Thanks in advance!

haha it is quite nearly the same as Barrow Delver, I forgot to change that text hahah

thank You for the kind words! I’d love to see it translated for all my Spanish speaking friends! And you are a great person to do it!!! 

Excited you like it!

I'm glad to anounce that our great partner has finaly translated to spanish and edited for Los Pergaminos del Fénix your fine set of solo roleplaying rules and is already available.
You can check it at

Thanks for your permission. We hope that you like it!