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Oh my! I did not expect you to get there! You totally broke it haha! I did anticipate people doing stuff like that but in the later rooms when you have the whip functionality. And I have a spot or two where I think it would be cool to add a secret thing (but nothing yet!) I have no clue how that beast got down there! You may be conscripted as my new playtester!

Thanks for the "masterpiece" comment, super humbling. The game that inspired the glitchy "am I really supposed to get there?" style of exploration is a game called Fjords by Kyle Reimergartin.  I recommend you check it out if you haven't already!

Watched some gameplay of fjords and it looks super cool! I think I've heard of the game but never actually seen it until now.

Yeah I got up to the non functional cpu without the whip at first, but then to get further up I went and got the whip then just went back through the cpu to the previous room.

And the beast wasn't down there at first, I guided it from the sideways skull room I think? It's up on some blocks or something and if you fall around that area into a gap there's a small hole that leads out into the abyss. so I just let the beast fall through it, followed it down and froze it at the last second. If/when you update it I'd definitely be happy to test things further, you can contact me if you like, I'll probably still go back at some point to try a few other things out with the whip in the meantime!