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I really enjoyed this game! Thank you for the hard work you put into it!

I could probably wax poetic about this forever, but I'll be short, haha. 

I really loved

  • the art & sprites (and I'm definitely going to have fun trying to unlock all the gallery pictures!)
  • the customizable-ness of the MC (and how she was snarky to boot!)
  • the many different routes (I'll admit I haven't played through them all yet, but Bastien is my favorite so far -- I can't help but love childhood characters, but Prince/Leopold are also good sjDSJISDJS I can't choose! There's something I love about each of them. I'm also excited to hear a sequel is in the works! I definitely want to know what lil Leo is up to...)
  • the story itself! Well-done! I originally thought this might a little cliche, and while they characters originally seem to fit some kind of archetype/trope, I was delighted by how they actually unfolded! Guillaume was predictable, but still such an adorable lil bean and his character development was pretty top-notch).

I'm looking forward to the sequel & am definitely going to replay TROS many times!

Hello, ahartwoods

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the game and I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to the sequel. I hope to post some progress on that soon. ^_^

Thanks for playing