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Flagrantly and unashamedly violates the 64px rules; the rounded corners on everything and the wheels on the tank in no way conform to the 64px grid :-) I never really got a sense of _why_ my "special attack" misses lots of the time; that's not very special. Fun little game, though; I got quite into the strategy of whether to shield first and attack afterwards, and who to attack. And the graphics would be quite nice, in a jam which didn't have the pixel restrictions. It's worth ignoring the 64px thing, fixing this up to have nicer fonts and so on, and then releasing it, I would say.


Thanks for your feedback. Yeah no attack is guaranteed. I wonder if the special attack should be a sure thing or not and make the cooldown longer. Something to thing about ... Anyway, the game is indeed 64x64 ... I had just increased the display size in the index.html to 512x512 to make it easier to view/play. I have since updated it.