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This is a neat concept. I really like that the screen ends up filling up with things you haven't dealt with -- work emails, dog leavings, and so on. And I laughed out loud when doing the "coding" section and an actual bug appeared that I had to get rid of. This is, despite its 64px nature, a terribly accurate description of how writing a game for the jam actually is! Nice work. The graphics were rather blocky and difficult to grasp, though -- this is something that a graphic artist could doubtless improve on -- and sometimes clicking on things didn't seem to register which meant that in the first playthrough I didn't realise that you _could_ click on things to remove them (and so I lost very quickly). I got the hang of it, though; I'll keep persevering to see if I can actually finish a game now :-)

It's a neat concept indeed.

Thanks a lot for your words! I made it very fast (like the game itself) , and yes I feel like it need more interactivity/response on the actions. I took advantage of the use of a short game session so that the player could understand it on his own at the second opportunity. Maybe it was not the best decision, but it helped me move forward quickly in development.
Thanks again for your time! I'm gonna try your game.