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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, an RTS on my dad's computer.
It had a "Custom Campaign" mode where you could create your own levels, and it had some advanced features like triggers and conditions that allowed you to cause story-driven events to happen in the level.

So I was making these terrible Metal Gear Solid ripoff walking simulators. Just imagine, you control only one guy in an RTS, and you walk along this very narrow path, triggering cutscenes lifted directly off of MGS3 or something, but with Star Wars characters. Good times

that's really cool! I did exactly the same but with Operation Flashpoint. I spent countless hours painstakingly aligning wall sections and placing guards, giving them patrol routes etc...

But as soon as you fire one shot all the soldiers go prone and stop following their waypoints so it would fall apart as an MGS level almost immediately.


That's neat. Well in Galactic Battlegrounds, it doesn't really support real "stealth gameplay," and as far as I know, you couldn't write your own scripts to program enemy behavior... so all of my little projects were just cutscenes along a narrow path with little to no gameplay. Lol. But I had fun making them!