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Ok, you don't have to take this seriously.

Okay, so, well, I mean, I wonder if someone would be worried about the fact that you kill and get the money of the people that easily (even though it's fun), but pretty much no many would be worried about it. And when I pressed escape, or F2, if I pressed it a little later it would have rebooted everything that I advanced in the game and I didn't know about it... 

So yeah that's all feedback I have to give.
After all, has potential, would buy it.

Thanks for your input!

We are aware about the civilians. People have mentioned it before that they want other ways to make money and that is exactly what we are aiming for. Atm the only way to make money is to either kill civilians or punch the blue sofa in your apartment a couple of times (not many people know about this). 

We are going to make the civilians drop much less money than they do now and let the enemies you fight drop more instead. We also intend to implement some sort of "goodguy/badguy" system. If you hit too many civilians the police will eventually show up and either beat you down or arrest you. We want to give the player freedom to do whatever they want, but with consequenses for each action! So this is def something we are looking into.

Regarding the ESC or F2 issue, we are well aware that this is not ideal. We intend to make ESC pause and enter a menu (like every other game does). Any sort of menu system or options menu has not yet been implemented yet tho. That's why ESC restarts the game atm.