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hello, is this game still under development?  also the install doesn't seem to work.



We have paused the development for now, but we plan to set aside some time in the following months to rework Hermetika, as we love the world and style we started to build up. We have actually too much ideas for Hermetika compared to the time we have!

What is your exact problem for the install? I'm guessing you have a Quest 2: what are the steps you are using to install the APK on your Quest? At what step does it fails?


One thing we plan to do is to publish Hermetika via App Lab, making the install much easier, but it will be later in 2022.


Thank you for the quick reply,

It seems that i couldn't download it due to me using the itch app on PC, downloading it from the browser fixed the issue. 

Also i am glad to hear that this game will be getting attention later on, do your best on it and all your other projects, This game has a style and gameplay loop that resonate beautifully.