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This game is so so so good I wish I could pay you for it. I'd easily peg it at 15  dollars, or even 20 if there were a bit more polish on some of the enemy sprites or a few more side-quests.

Absolutely everything about this game is wonderful, it does a magnificent job of balancing the story's high-stakes drama with it's own brand of comedy. It might be somewhat derivative at times but it always makes it work and never feels forced for it's references and memes. 

Spoilers below

Additionally it plays to standard tropes of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in a delightful manner, giving an explanation for why the king gives the hero a pittance of starting funds, and showing another ruler as being reasonable and just.

Each character plays off one another excellently, with everyone exhibiting growth and development throughout the story as Karuna learns to open herself up to others, Chisa learns to be more confident, Merel becomes more earnestly happy with herself rather than acting confident out of spite for her haters, Lynette becomes able to admit her own weaknesses and failings, and Aurelie is able to reconcile the weakness that lead her to becoming Darkloft with the strength that allowed Karuna to rescue her.

Thank you so much! ^_^ So glad you enjoyed the game! I really want to make another game like this. Maybe I will try charging for future games, maybe start with something like $10 and see how that goes.

Thanks again! :DDDDD