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Hey, thank you for your feedback, I love your ideas! Let me give you a quick glimpse of ideas we have currently:

- merchant event - big items are worth the most and the most expensive items you can buy are small ones!

- ring meta has to go :D We nerfed them a lot in the new version so if you want to use them, you have to juggle them around because of their polarized values (some are good for mages but make you weaker against warriors and the other way around)

- trap events - where you need to "hide" certain type of items either in your backpack or in your pockets, or else you will receive damage. Imagine a bear who attacks you if he feels any food on you!

- consumable items 

- different loadout characters (some have less hearts, but can delete single items during camp events, others have less hearts, but can leech life off enemies - we're still planning this out!)

- companions you need to carry in your inventory

And now I'm totally adding your ideas to the list, especially with boss fights - I imagine bosses that spawn stuff in your inventory but you have to be smart and use it against them!

We'll work on it further for sure :)