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Oh when you give me a puzzle platformer you give me challenges! I can honestly make the simplest of things difficult!

This demo was a true delight, a very pleasant surprise. I don't think I've played as a ball-like object since Marble Madness, and this format works supremely well.

The way your skills come along just a little bit at a time and help you through the next puzzle is a great way of slowly increasing the difficulty, and aside from a couple of times I got myself hopelessly stuck it's all pretty uncomplicated and accessible.

I do wonder what other talents we can learn, and how the ones we do learn throughout this demo, come into play in the full game!

In some ways it feels like this could be quite Oddworld-ish, where you get thrown in and learn the ropes and then flung into an open-world scenario where you have to use your own judgement when it comes to getting past obstacles, which I would be totally down with!

Keep up the awesome work, really looking forward to future updates! =)