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Not sure how it would work if you have a TV or multiple displays connected, it might not support outputting over 60Hz to a TV (since I think TVs only go above 60hz for active 3D, many of the ones that advertise that they are 120 or 240hz actually only accept a 60hz signal and internally up-convert it to 120 or 240) or it might lock all the displays to a refresh rate that all of them can do. 

 Glad to hear about the V-Sync toggle being added. While obviously fixing the issue would be preferred, I admit that is harder to do (especially if you don't have a similar display to test) and could be a lot of work depending on how much of the game is tied to the refresh. If getting it to work with v-sync is too much of an issue, is it possible to somehow have the game detect if the display is above 60hz and default the v-sync to off if it is?


I used GameMaker: Studio for this so unfortunately what I can do to fix the issue is very limited, but I'm still pretty sure that the issue isn't just with higher refresh rate monitors since several others played the games I made with the same engine before. I'm pretty sure that at least one of them would also have a higher refresh rate monitor.

I even found a forum thread someone asking if that would happen and everyone's answer seems to be no:


Actually nevermind I just got someone else saying the same thing, I guess I will have to look more into it LOL