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this is dope! really creative elements and variation of classic games.  The second time I played through it, it doesn't end, and I don't die.  There's no losing condition.  I can run into all the blocks and destroy them that way, which is still kinda fun.  Also, I feel there can be more variation in the sound design, but I'm also an audio guy myself.  


Hey Barmizzle, thanks for the comments!

I think Pixel Shorts replied to you on the LD site but I think you clicked on the tutorial mode that 2nd time.  You can't die there, it is more of just practice mode as almost same as regular (Explanation on that).  The way to get out of tutorial mode is to use a portal, which is an important mechanic but may be hard to discover on one's own (we wanted to guide the player towards that better but ran out of time).

We didn't add Scowsh, our music and sfx team mate, to the project until the last day.  So he only had hours to work with.  He does a great job and could have done more if he wasn't doing a different game jam on Saturday and Sunday!


ah, yeah I guess I definitely got mixed up on that tutorial thing.  and the sound and music was fine.  It's a game jam, I understand how these things go.  I actually also ended up working on sound for a game on the last day as well.. and compromises had to be made, but it's cool.  I'm totally a snob when it comes to sound and music stuff, and it's like the first thing I notice for everything.  I really enjoyed the game though.  Well done!