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Great to hear! Would love to hear about it, if you get the chance.


I love this TTRPG. I have not played it(as with every other TTRPG in my vast collection), but I love looking through it. I love the character creation and I have an idea on how you play. I'm making my own world you could theoretically play in using Mutants in the Now, with some interesting(I.E. Very weird, unwieldy, maybe best off avoided unless you have a plan) mechanics. Such as Weres(Mutations/forms that activate/deactivate under specific but accessible circumstances) and Zoan(I borrowed this off of One Piece(please don't kill me), They shapeshift on demand and can automatically talk to animals in exchange for no other psionics and having to keep track of the nightmare). There's also a timeline that limits and allows certain things depending on the era(1980s-2020s).