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i cant press any bottons and the screen is not calebrated how can i fix thi

Try exiting fullscreen with F. If that doesnt work, i can rry to make the game start in non fullscreened mode in the next update dropping soon. If you need more help, try joining the disxord and sending some screenshots over.

that still doesnt work F does nothing alt+enter doesnt work and neither odes f11

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I am so sorry, I got the wrong game. Islands of war and IIslands of war both look so similar. This is an old game, and unfortunately, I have lost the source code so there is nothing i can do right now to fix it.

You could check out the newer better game IIslands of war(note the two I's) here if you want:

EDIT: Actually, i messed up an upload about 2 weeks ago and it just struck my attention that that might be the cause of all the sudden reports of buginess. So i have fixed this game, but do please give the other game a try. Its 10000x better.