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Hey, I don't know the best way to contact you, but is there any way you could upload a video of the song intimate played on guitar? I've sort of figured it out by ear, but can't quite get all of the parts without seeing it :\ I'll be Abe to donate 10$ or so if you can :)

hey!! hmm ok here's a really quick guide i just made http://pastebin.com/4zKCHMr3

there are some parts missing but hopefully you can work from that :) Someone also made a tab set to the music which is pretty accurate here too: https://play.riffstation.com/results?q=%22Intimate...

thank you so much! (

woah thank you so much for the donation Huntia!! Really appreciate it :D

so I just got time today to try this out and I already have this part figured out xD I'm mostly trying to see the fills and stuff that you do, but it's whatever :b

oh hahah sorry about that. xD it was all improv really, I don't think those fills should be taken as 'official', basically i just recorded my guitar four or five times over to get a layered sound and plucked notes that felt right, and then added some shakers and recorded some rain cuz it happened to be raining when i was recording it haha. If i ever make a video I'll let you know!