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Welp... I had basically written an essay analyzing the game and focusing on the aspects I enjoyed and the aspects that I didn't enjoy. Then I accidentally reloaded the page, and lost it all :(

Pretty much, the game is pretty awesome. Gameplay itself is fun and responsive, other than the ladder hitbox feeling a bit too small and the roll feeling out of place (at least for me). The art was spectacular, along with the rest of the games aesthetics. The boss felt a bit too weak, but at least you had one. The levels felt like your classic arcade game, but also had a bit of a puzzle feel to it. Like when I had figured out how the walls work, I got a chance to use my new knowledge immediately and had gained a tool to use in later levels. Then it became especially interesting when what used to just be a tool, turned into much more dangerous hazard.

Congrats on your game, and I hope to see you make another one during the next Ludum Dare!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm fully aware the boss is underpowered. I was trying to go for something that was decently hard that I could code easily,in addition to that or was the last.thing I did before the deadline. 👍


The fact that you have a boss battle at all is astonishing! Great job!