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A great experience! I don't think I've ever been spooked by a point-and-click game before. The secret was a little disappointing to be completely honest, but maybe it's just a reference I don't get. Either way, I would without a doubt pay for a full game like this. Very well done! 

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Your comment makes me happy :) Thank you so much abnorminal !

The secret ending is a reference to the secret endings of the Silent Hill saga. I can understand that she can surprise or disappoint some people.

Please. You could tell me what secrets you would have liked to discover. Maybe it will help me for a future project.

I'm not familiar with Silent Hill so it makes perfect sense that I didn't get it. There's always going to be someone left out when it comes to a specific reference and that's okay. I assume you took some inspiration from it to make the game so it seems appropriate. 

I think it would've been cool if the secret revealed something about the backstory perhaps. Could be about the monster lurking outside or the identities of the other victims, something like that. Just some ideas, hope that helps.

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I do find that your idea is really very good. Basically, I wanted to say more about it but this is my very first game and I wanted to keep it short and simple.

besides, I had made a sketch of the creature that we hear howling at the beginning and which prowls around the house. But I finally gave it a more direct use. It justifies the fact that the character rushes into the house without knocking on the door and cannot escape through the windows during the game.

(sorry for my English. I am French and I translate my answers on google translate)