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Hello Patchook :-D
Yeah... This f****** bug. It is relatively rare and seems to be caused by some type of setup. In reality, I never found a solution to this bug and these are my main regrets about this little game.

I'm glad you found a solution :) Thank you so much for playing and thank you for your comment.

Greetings from France, Pat !

Are you absolutely sure ?... XD
Thank you so much for playing and for your comment evie :-)
Greetings from Fance.

I really liked the art direction of this game. It reminded me of a lot of good things. The gameplay is really very enjoyable. Well done for this project! very nice work!
Greetings from France.

Hi Dorsey Bros ! :-)
Thank you so much for remembering me! I just finished your game several times to get the full ending. I posted a comment and a note on your page. Thanks again and well done. !

Hi! :^)
I just got the full ending. I had to go through it several times before I got it. At first I had trouble finding my way around the place. But in the end, by starting again it was as if I was at home ^^. Bravo for the work it must have required of you.
Greetings from a french guy ! :^D

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Hello :-)
You haven't fully followed it. Observe the shapes around the patterns.

Olá predas ! :-)
Estou traduzindo minha resposta com o google trad, então espero que não seja tão ruim.

Foi muito bom assistir seu vídeo. A edição é muito limpa e você está realmente focado no jogo, me dá um grande prazer descobrir jogadores como você. Muito obrigado por dedicar seu tempo para fazer este vídeo, ótimo trabalho.

Saudações da França !

Yes I completely forgot to tell you. Not all clickable areas count for scoring. I chose 35 specific ones. It was basically to reward and encourage players to observe small details, small foreshadowing, etc.

Thank you very much for everything you tell me here. I really appreciate !

It's actually a game that pays homage to the flash horror game I played about 10 years ago. I don't know yet if there will be a mobile version in the end... But I would like to.
Thanks again Kharon27 !

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Hello Kharon27 ! Thank you very much :-)
I just redid the game to avoid answering you nonsense. I clicked on the 35 areas counting for the final score and they were counted. No need to click precisely. If the dialog box appears when you click, it's ok.

Sorry but I think that despite the fact that you found a new interactable, there is a very very strong chance that you simply forgot one that you hadn't forgotten during your first game. The score falls back to 0 with each new game. It is not added to the score of the previous part.

Looking back I find this system too frustrating.

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However, I just noticed a translation error in my message. I didn't mean "I wouldn't tell you" but "I can not tell you" in the sense that I don't know where the problem can come from but that I would very much like to know and help you.

(sorry I come from the least good country in English in all of Europe... France XD)

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Thank you very much clairedeh ^^

among all the returns in 1 year, it had never happened before. Try viewing with a different browser than the one you normally use. I don't understand why this bug happens. It's probably related to your personal set. But what exactly, I wouldn't tell you.

Hello GDT ! :-)
Pensei muito nisso quando o tradutor estava fazendo a versão em espanhol latino-americano. Eu disse a mim mesmo: "Merda... Estamos fazendo isso pela América Latina, é o maior país da América Latina e sua língua é o português." :-(

No momento, nenhuma nova tradução está planejada, infelizmente.

Eu vi seu vídeo quando saiu. Muito obrigado por fazê-lo GDT :-D
Calorosas saudações da França !

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video Winsto117 ! :-D

Well done and thank you very much for giving your opinion at the end of the video. Thank you for taking the time to translate your message, I appreciate it. :-)

Good luck trying for a 100% score and greetings from France !

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Hello Nero. The shapes around the pattern.

Hello. Thanks besouronarrand :-D

I really appreciate your question but currently I already have a few people with me in charge of possible future translations of the game.

Thanks again, besouronarrand and take good care of yourself. Greetings from France.

Je suis vraiment content que le jeu est eu cet effet sur toi :-D
Merci pour ton message Flaerale !
if you are not a French speaker, I very much appreciate that you wrote to me in French. Greetings from France <3

Merci mec, la référence me fait plaisir :-) J'ai essayé ton jeu. Bien joué. Les couleurs acidulées m'ont rappelé Suspiria de Dario Argento.

Your compliment makes me very happy ! :-o
Please if you ever develop a point'n click and still remember me, send it to me so I can play it. I wish you many good things for the future ! Greetings from France Dorsey :-D

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, MCW ! :-D
Really a pity that the cut scenes work badly :-(
It's my very first game and some details are not perfect and can cause this type of error in some cases.
Good job to you and greetings from France.

Thank you for this very nice comment, King :-)
I really appreciated ^^ Thanks again and greetings from France.

Thank you very much Mehran :-)

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Hello Mehran !
I didn't use a game engine. I modeled the backgrounds and cut-scenes in Blender 3D before rendering them in .jpeg image or .mp4 video, then I coded the game in HTML5 and pure javascript.

Great :-D I'm glad you finally got through the safe riddle ! Well done and thank you for playing my game, Da Smol Bean :-)
Greetings from France.

Thank you very much, tunabomber ! :-D

XD You're a genius man ! Thank you very much and greetings from France ^^

I'm really glad you liked it, Fluffy. It's always a pleasure for me to see people have a good time with this little game.

Thank you very much and greetings from France ! :-)

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Your "let's play" is awesome and your subscribers are really lucky that you apply yourself so much to translating each text in the game.
Thank you very much for completing my game ! Greetings from France !


Hello awhxsiyo :)
Did you see the shapes around the patterns ?

Sincerely sorry for this bug. It is rare and seems to only happen to certain people playing with a particular set.

To this day I still can't figure out what's causing this shit.

Thanks to you gingercat ! :-D
We had to end on something positive to thank the most patient players ^^.
Greetings from France.

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XD That troll! you are a genius lol.
Thank you so much, Merie :-D
Greetings from France !

Your message made me very happy.

I would like to answer you a lot of things but I can't find something strong enough to tell you how much I appreciate when someone manages to see and appreciate the small details of staging that I was able to include in this little game.

I'm just going to tell you that I thank you very very much for taking the time to play my game and write me this message, mynameisbrent.

Take good care of yourself and greetings from France !

Thank you very much for your message and for taking the time to do this let's play, BAYAEARAE !
It's fantastic to see people around the world continue to play my game.
Greetings from France !

Thank you very much Doc :-D

Hello. Thanks a lot.

I'm sorry but I'm having trouble understanding your request. The dialogues of the game are textual. What do you mean by "subtitle option"?

It's vicious, isn't it ? ^^
Well done both and greetings from France.

It's always so nice to see your video again, Jess.
Thanks again and greetings from France ! :-)

Putain de merde ! it is not normal. Are you trying to open it with the app or on the website? Because this problem has often been noted by app users.

Hello rreeves74. Why this ? Can i help you ?