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Very cool, I'd love to see a full version of this! It reminds me of some of Nifflas's games. I loved the nonviolent mechanics and the sense of exploration, curiosity, and discovery. I was also intrigued by the hints of deeper story elements in the intro.

One critique, the platforming mechanics were occasionally a bit frustrating. In particular the vertical jump height is quite short but the horizontal distance is very long, which makes it easy to overshoot your target. Also things could get pretty fast-paced with the moving creatures, especially with the scanner thrown into the mix.  Maybe you could tweak the physics so it's a little calmer.

Thanks for feedback! Always appreciate comparison to Nifflas, Knytt Stories was a big inspiration ^^

It's good to know about your frustrations, too. I admit, changing the platforming dynamics sounds a bit daunting this late to development, as it could have many ripple effects to level design. One thing I could consider, however, is to add a "game speed" option, where you could make everything a bit slower to fit your tastes.

Now only to, uh, try implementing it.... :D